Monday, 3 October 2011

Drawing my first strip!

It dawned on me *_*
So I'm drawing it now. The process is a bit longer than I expected, but still this is kinda awesome feeling of creating something like this for a first time. Hope i will be able to draw it properly lol.
I came up with idea today: I saw such a handsome guy in the tube! :iconimpervplz: and there was one of these cute songs, you listening to and imagining some stupid romantic stuff :iconhurrplz:.  So as you can see it's based on one of these epic stories you imagine while listening to music.
Well, I guess it's nothing special, just small romantic (and probably idiotic) thing. But what can I expect from my first strip hahaha)

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Reflective log

I've already known that journalistic work is tough: deadlines, lots of stories to write etc. But this work is very interesting as well: searching material for the stories, investigation, taking pictures, making videos. Another thing is working to deadline. You never know what can come up, so the schedule is sure always tough. The point is writing process shouldn't take a long time, otherwise it's not professional. 

There are also some more important things. First of all using technology makes work easier and more convenient. Then suitable design makes it look better and attracts more attention. But the wrong design can make the work worse or hilarious, so it'd be better to be careful here.

It's also very interesting how journalistic and advertising functions of blogs can be used. This is really something: you need to write about news and things, but there is no place for yourself, your opinion, you should be very objective not to damage the brand. The content of such blog can be very different. Usually it features pictures, videos, thematical stories and so on. 

I believe that this course was very useful for me. Even though I have a blog and used its tools (pictures, links), I discovered loads of new features, embedding videos for example. And for sure the main skill I've picked up is making videos by myself. It's not that hard as I thought.

As for studies for my future career, I was thinking of it for a long time and this course also helped me to find out some of my interests. After becoming an editor, I'm going to take  a graphic design course , probably I'll also take an advertising module, it's a good combination I guess. 

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

my blog video introduction

This is my video diary assignment. I'm going to write about digital art when I finish my summer studies at Westminster university (media journalism course). So i decided to make a video introduction first. I've already wrote about some digital stuff (first post) though.

Gig. The Conservatives

A gig was held at the Bowery on Saturday night. The group I woul'd like to write about is The Conservatives. Their music genre is mix of indie, pop and rock. The group presented their fierst EP called "The end of affair". The title comes from a novel by the English writer, Graham Greene. The song is about a relationship that ends badly, so the title seems fitting. Their sound a kind of retro, 80s indie sound; pop with a darker and heavier edge, perhaps.

I asked John, the frontman of the group, which music influenced them. "The main one is probably The Smiths" he said. It's a British band who were big in the 80s.

Their songs were different to everything that had come before - the songs were about real life, especially the difficulties of being an awkward adolescent, and touched a lot of people in a very deep way. "The lyrics were amazing, full of intelligence and humour." Wthe conservatives try to do something similar in our music - they aim to make intelligent pop, with songs that are about something real and meaningful. "We put a lot of thought into the lyrics of our songs: we want people to listen to our music and enjoy the melody but be drawn in by the lyrics."

Other artists that have influenced them a lot are Joy Division and The Pixies. Joy Division is another British band from the 80s, from Manchester, just like The Smiths. "They had a dark melodic sound, which I think some of our songs have, like 'The End of the Affair'." The Pixies are an American band who were big in the 90s mainly. "Their songs have an amazing, punky energy and drive that we love. Some of our heavier songs probably owe something to them."

I guess the main thing in the music of this band is a harmony of the sound between their instruments and also vocals. Such kind of music seems really attractive to me and to many others: the dance floor was pretty crowded while they were on the stage.

video assignment slide show

This is a slide show i made from the pictures i took while i was in london (and also i borrowed some picures).
I think London is a really great city. It has so many interesting, attractive things. Especially I like architecture. All these old buildings remind me of some kind of magic world. Another good thing is food. It's very tasty and beautifully done! (it's not healthy though). When I come to London I feel very inspired and there are loads of ideas whot to draw, how to draw, what clothes to choose, where to go etc.
the music is Detektivbyren - Om du moter varg

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Rohan Daft interview

Rohan Daft is a former staff feature writer and gossip columnist for the London Evening Standard and has contributed to numerous other publications. Also he wrote a book "Menu del Dia" about Spanish food. Now he is leading The Row - a blog of Richard James bespoke tailoring and menswear company.

Rohan, when did you start your career?
Well, I started my career in 80s writing for the gossip column. That's a common thing, a lot of journalists started in gossip columns. My first real job was in Evening Standard though.

Was it hard?
Yes, it was tough; the paper had three additions, so I had three deadlines, that actually means I had about two hours to produce a story.

Say, how did you collect the material for your stories?
I was drinking with my friends once a while and listening very carefully to things people were talking about, asking questions. Sometimes I paid for the stories as well. And you don't need to check information - it's a gossip!

Really? But some people can be offended reading these gossips, don't you think?
It's fine. If you work in the newspaper, it's a honor that someone punched you in the face!

How were you commissioned to lead the Richard James company blog.
They called me to write out of the blue.

What is RJ blog?
First of all, this blog is neither about me, nor my opinion, but about things, the company stands for. I have to be clear. The essence of the blog - fresh, it's got to be fresh! The point to do it of course advertising, you want it to be seen, so you lead the blog. Other ways are more expensive, more complicated and also take a lot of exclusivity away.

What about content?
It featuress pictures of the product, inspiring videos, information about recent updates of collections and items, theme stories and so on. I am really surprised when people ask how I come up with ideas for my blog every day. I think it's so natural. Sometimes people can't see stories in front of their eyes.

And finally, your book about Spanish food is pretty popular. How did you came up with this idea?
It was a commission. I worked feelance and stayed in Spain about 5 or 6 years and led the blog about Spanish food. I actually wanted to make a guidebook,  but it didn't happen.

George Lucas defeated by Stormtrooper helmet man

A designer who made original Star Wars helmets has won the copyright battle with George Lucas to sell replicas(BBC). Lucasfilm argued the stormtroopers are 'art' and should be protected under appropriate copyright laws,Ainsworth said they were just ‘props’

In a statement Ainsworth said:"I am delighted to have won the right to continue to make these replicas from the original tools and moulds."

Lucasfilm said: “The U.K. should not allow itself to become a safe haven for piracy."